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Mesotherapy (Basic)

This course is accredited by ABT.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment used to apply professional skincare serums into the top layer of the skin (epidermis). Under the basic method, a serum is firstly applied to the skin and then a tool with miniature needles such as a Dermaroller or Dermapen is used to needle the serum into the skin. This will generally improve the condition of the skin whilst providing extra benefits depending on the serum used e.g. some serums reduce wrinkles, replace hyaluronic acid or provide vitamins.

You will firstly learn the in-depth theory which covers e.g. the relevant anatomy (muscles, arteries etc), skin types, contraindications, health and safety, what equipment is required and much more. Following this, you’ll be shown a tutor led demonstration and complete the treatment on your model. The practical will be done step by step to ensure you fully understand how to do each treatment.

  • Qualified in one day
  • Small teaching groups
  • Full insurance information provided
  • Popular treatment
  • Advise given to those wishing to become self-employed

We have insurance options for everyone to train in this course including beginners. Please discuss with us via telephone if you have any queries.

This course will require a model. If you cannot bring your own and would like us to attempt to find you them please request this, however you should note that this is not guaranteed.

No kits are included in each course, however we provide you full materials to do the practical and therefore you do not need to pay any additional cost.


Section 1History and benefits of treatment
Section 2The anatomy of the skin
Section 3Theory of Microneedling
Section 4Contraindications and contractions
Section 5Health and Safety
Section 6Hygiene and Sterilisation
Section 7Laws & Legislation
Section 8What equipment is required
Section 9Product knowledge, timings and costings
Section 10Treatment procedure
Section 11Client aftercare
Section 12Examination