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SPMU (Semi-Permanent Makeup)


SPMU (Semi-Permanent Makeup)


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2 to 4 days + case studies  – ABT Accredited
Dates available every month, please contact us to discuss (0115 972 8750) or Instagram (btbanottingham).

This is a one to four day + case studies course which covers Semi-permanent Makeup (SPMU). This course teach you how to enhance the brows, lips & eyeliner using a semi-permanent make-up machine. For the eyebrows, you’ll learn different techniques such as Stroke (similar to Microblading), Ombre, Powdered & Combination. You’ll also learn how to apply semi-permanent makeup to the Lips and correct Dark Lips, whilst learning how to enhance the eyes. The results are fantastic and saves your clients time styling their brows, lips and eyes everyday. This course is open to both existing microbladers and beginners.

Course Options
2 day Fast Track option – Designed for those who are confident/competent, you will firstly cover all the relevant theory, fake skin practice & Eyebrow practical on day 1. Following this you will return for the Lip Blush and Eyeliner practical on day 2. Please note, you will only complete one model for each treatment (a total of 3 models will be required) and then you will be tasked to complete some home case studies. If you are an existing microblader, we can also complete this option in 1 day as you will already have your pre-existing knowledge.

3 day Extended option – Designed for those not so confident, you will firstly learn all the relevant theory, practice on fake skin and complete your first Eyebrow model. You will then return on day 2 for your second Eyebrow practical, your first Lip Blush and your first Eyeliner. Finally you will return on day 3 for your second Lip Blush practical and second Eyeliner practical. With this option, you will complete two models for each treatment (a total of 6 models will be required).

Note: the days do not have to be consecutive and can be spread apart to assist with your learning. By booking online you will only be booking onto the first day of training, we will then call you to discuss when you would like to return for the other training days.

Important Information
All of our courses include a theory session which will teach you areas such as the relevant anatomy, contraindications to treatment, health and safety, what equipment is required, step by step procedure and much more. Following this theory session is a tutor demonstration and practical session.

This training is done in small groups of between 1-2 students. You will all practice under the supervision of a qualified teacher. Following the course you will be required to complete at least 3 more case studies (practicals) that you’ll need to write up and submit following the course for evidence.

The 2 day course will require 3 models (one for brow, lip and eyeliner) and some for home case studies. The 3 day option will require 6 models all done in the academy. If you have any friends or family willing to be a model we can use them free of charge. If however you do not have any models please contact us to discuss as have options to assist.

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2 Day SPMU, 3 Day Extended SPMU